PLEASE!  We really want to! Let us tell you why: WE  UNDERSTAND…….. Charitable giving is down for most non-profits Budgets have been tightened across the board Important outreach and discipleship events are still being planned You still need and deserve the highest quality screen printed & embroidered apparel   WE  UNDERSTAND because we are MEN ... Read More »
Why We do Missions The understanding that “we are called” and “we are sent” is at the foundation of our faith. The scriptures are full of stories of persons who responded to a call and were sent on mission for God. Abraham and Sarah, our parents in the faith, met God in the desert... Read More »
2011 is here and we’re already working with so many of you on some incredible events that are coming up!  This month’s update includes a look at just a few product highlights, a look at the 2 current MY STORY blog posts from our Student Ministers, & a quick rundown of some helpful upcoming... Read More »