Tis the season of RUSH Orders!  We’ve got all 8 of our presses rolling on your orders so I just thought I’d pull one off the press and take a quick picture for you:  This is a great 3 Color design for our friends at First United Methodist Church Fayetteville.  As always, let us... Read More »
(This is a guest post from our good friends at YM360.com.  Check them out!) I was sitting at a senior graduation dinner and one thought continued to run through my head: “Three to twenty six!” Even I didn’t believe this was possible. And I had dreamed big. Just two years ago there was only... Read More »
This February update is full of all the warm things that make the snow melt!  We are kicking it off with a HUGE Stimulus Coupon, some January Production Highlights, and a quick MY STORY Review.  NEW STIMULUS COUPON! We know that budgets have been getting tighter over the last year so we’re stepping up... Read More »
How are you going to relate to your students when you get old(er)?  It was an innocent question asked by my wife, but it rocked me.  Being a youth pastor in a church where the average age is 31 can be tough especially when you add the fact that is also the area of... Read More »