I ran across this post from Jeremy and begged him if I could repost it.  Such great stuff.  For more of his great content, follow him at http://reyouthpastor.com and on Twitter @jeremyzach.   (Rear view photo  All rights reserved by NRG Photos) Reflection about past youth ministries is an invaluable exercise, especially when you include... Read More »
Something that you may not know is that cotton prices have been rising steadily for the last year and should be jumping up again by another 10% in the spring.  This certainly affects our customers and we found a great article from CBS’ 60 Minutes that explains the wider scale affects HERE.  60 Minutes... Read More »
We are so proud of our vendors that take a stand for something bigger than promotional products.  Sabina Water is one of them.  For every 288 bottles that are custom imprinted, they give a walter filtration system to a family in Africa.  This guarantees clean water for generations to come.  Here’s a little more... Read More »