SM Resources

Here is a list of some great organizations that are an incredible resource for Student Ministers and Youth Workers:

youthministry360 is a youth ministry resource provider committed to seeing spiritual transformation happen in the lives of God’s people – specifically teenagers.

We’re focused on two things: God’s Word. And Youth Workers. Pretty simple, huh? That’s the way we like to do things.

We believe teenagers can only live transformed lives by gaining a deeper understanding and application of God’s Word. We seek to both, serve youth workers and see teens grow in Christ by providing a full line of creative, relevant, and Bible-based resources to meet the curriculum needs of youth workers. Visit and click RESOURCES to see the complete line up!

We also offer a daily blog that delivers daily youth ministry information such as: Training articles, Bible stuff, Trends & Culture info, networking opportunities and Free Resources.  Visit to grab some incredible youth ministry information, tools and helps! 

ResonateOrDie℠ is the voice of The Resonate Group, Inc., a full service strategic and creative house that helps ministries shape their vision and mission into meaningful and innovative brands that resonate (sorry for the shameless plug).

Our work goes way beyond just paying the bills—it’s a divine calling. Our team is sharp, creative and gifted at helping ministries extend their reach. Our heart is to do the same for you. Check out what some of our clients say about us.

With the launch of ResonateOrDie℠ and the upcoming launch of, we are poised, now more than ever, to help you with your most complex ministry communication needs!


Adventures in Missions (AIM) is an interdenominational ministry committed to raising up a generation of radical disciples through short-term missions.  AIM mobilizes youth and young adults (and families and older adults, too) on trips as short as three days or as long as eleven months to make long-term impact out on the mission field and in the hearts of our missionaries.

Aaron Ivey ( believes that all worship is a response to a creative and compelling God.  Serving as one of the worship pastors at The Austin Stone (, Aaron now views touring ministry as an extension of what goes on within a vibrant, healthy local church.  With a passion for living out God’s word, compassion for God’s children, and a deep, abiding love of God, Aaron and his bandmates are challenging a generation of believers to take their experiences in corporate worship out into the world, to marry song with service.

Shaver’s Razor is a multi-level resource for youth and the pastors, leaders and teachers who mentor them. Aaron Shaver is a motivational speaker, blogger, and “youth pastor’s helper” who is available to SPEAK and LISTEN.  Check out to find out how he can help you. is an incredible resource for Christian Books, Music, and DVDs!  Our very own John Eckeberger’s book, “The Secrets We Keep” is being highlighted on  Check it out!