That’s the real question isn’t it?
Well we’ve got some answers for you that make the choice really easy.


Our award winning Art Department can handle any design ideas you team can imagine.  99.99999% of what we do is completely custom design work.  That means your ministry has an opportunity to uniquely brand itself and you won’t have to worry about your students running into another youth ministry that has their shirts!  We care about your branding so much that we help protect it.  Once our customers place the order, the custom art we create switches ownership and our customers take on all the rights to that artwork.  We won’t even reprint it without your permission! 



You learn a thing or two about printing when your production crew has been pushing the creative envelope for over 30 years!  We specialize in doing the unique because your T’s should be noticed and something that your students will want to wear over and over again.  Your message is that important and it should be the “unusual” in a world of “typical”.  Our production capabilities include JUMBO Prints that stretch all the way out to 31″ wide x 31″ tall and other Fashion print options like Foil, Glitter, Discharges, High Density, etc.  If your team can dream it, we can make it happen!   


We understand your Budget!  All of your MOTC Sales reps have been in ministry in one form or the other and we understand that sometimes you can just be stretched too thin.  We are more than happy to show you plenty of options that fit within your budget and we’ll make sure that the design quality doesn’t suffer.  Our priority is that your ministry has what it needs to be affective and we want to partner with you to make that happen. 


It’s true.  Whether it’s connected to a bigger goatee, out there on it’s own, or a part of a costume for a youth event, we look really REALLY good in mustaches.