It’s been a busy couple of months!  We are all getting ready for summer events and are itching to get outside.  This month, we’ll look at a couple printing highlights from March, a look at where Cotton Prices are going, and some helpful info on promotional products you didn’t know we produced!


This last month was full of DNows, Retreats, and spring break Mission trips.  Here’s a look at a couple highlights from our press:


This one is for the North Texas Easter Retreat at Falls Creek.  It’s a great 3 color JUMBO option that stretches out over the sleeve seams and onto the sleeves. 


This is a 2 Color left chest print for a mission trip out to Van Horn Tejas. 


Here is a great 1 Color PLUS 1 Halftone “Encounter” print for GracePointe Church Youth Retreat.  It’s a great low cost option on a Silver Tultex Fine Jersey T.



(Graph Provided by Freidberg Mercantile Group – FMG)

It’s no secret that costs for Gas are continuing to rise.  We see it all the time.  What you may not see is the rise in cotton prices.  Historically, cotton prices have fluctuated and leveled out fairly evenly in the past.  But over the last year, we have seen cotton prices sky rocket and everything we see is pointing to a continued rise for at least the next 6 months. 

What this means to you is that our pricing will start to fluctuate with the rise in cost for Blank T-shirts.  We will also only be able to hold pricing for a small number of days.  So if you’re asking for quotes a couple months or even weeks in advance, please know that those pricings are only estimates and may need to be updated when you place your order.

This rise in cotton prices can be devastating to a budget, so we’re ready to help!  We’ve got special offers of FREE SHIPPING, STIMULUS PACKAGE GIVEAWAYS, and other discounts in the works to help make sure you stay within budget.  Also, our Art Department is skilled in finding ways to cut production costs for you.  Whether that is utilizing a Halftone instead of a 2nd Color or switching to a “Light” T color, we’re ready to help!



Did you know that Men of the Cloth has one of the largest Promotional Products resources in the US?  Our parent company, Trademarks Promotional Products, has spent the last 30 years establishing itself as one of the leading promotional products companies in the United States.  This gives you access to the most innovative products for your ministry.  We can send you FREE Virtual samples on 90% of all promotional products.  So even if you just want to see what options might be out there, shoot us an email and we’ll put together some options!