It has been a mix of beautiful weather and thunderstorms here in Nashville. Today is a thunderstorm day but we are staying warm by working on a TON of summer event projects! Because of all the projects we have spinning right now, we’ll keep this one short. This Bi-Monthly Update for April has a quick Highlight From The Press and a look at a couple different Product Combos perfect for summer camps.

Highlight From The Press:

Invite – 3 Color JUMBO For our friends at Liberty.

The Journey – 3 Color Vintage Print For the incredible folks over at

Product Combos:

We’ve been looking at a some product combos for several of our ministry partner’s summer events. Of all of those products, we’ve found 2 product combos to be the most beneficial for most of our ministry partners.

T-shirt & Journal Combo

T-shirt & Bobble Filtered Water Bottle Combo

As always, let us know if you have any questions or if there are any projects you want to explore together! Let’s create something awesome.