It has been a mix of beautiful weather and thunderstorms here in Nashville. Today is a thunderstorm day but we are staying warm by working on a TON of summer event projects! Because of all the projects we have spinning right now, we’ll keep this one short. This Bi-Monthly Update for April has a... Read More »
Check out this T for the Kings Academy Soccer team from England. Our friends from Heights BC are hosting them while in the states. Read More »
Hey Ministry Partners! We are headed into the heart of the semester and I know you have been busy. Our presses our spinning to prove it! I’m drinking a large cup of Kroger’s Private Selection Breakfast Blend coffee, which is surprisingly very good. Grab your favorite coffee/tea and dream of some future projects with... Read More »
Another “Hot Off The Press” for you this week: Read More »
Check out this great T for our good friend Charles Rikard and his DNow this weekend: Read More »
It is so hard to believe that another year has gone by! 2012 has been incredible and honestly, it’s because of all the incredible work our ministry partners are doing. I’ve heard stories of countless lives changed, communities supported, teams bringing relief to disaster areas, food given to hungry families, education offered to children... Read More »
And we mean it!! (Found at Read More »
It’s that time of year again… the time when we buy chickens. My wife and I buy chickens for a family in need from FH every year. The chickens provide the family with eggs to eat and a source of income as they can sell the eggs. It’s one of those holy moments for... Read More »
Check out this great 3 Color T for our ministry partner Robby Lewis at Hopewell Baptist: Read More »
I love this positive message for the ladies from Grace Community Church: Read More »
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