“Christmas Shoes” is on the radio so that can only mean 1 thing…. It’s December (and we only have 3 more weeks of “Christmas Shoes”)!

Our December update includes a look at a few November Highlights, our NEW Student Minister Giveaways, and our new Blog feature “MY STORY” from our Student Ministers (that’s you)!  


Here are couple great highlights for November.  You can view more at our Portfolio (http://www.motcloth.com/portfolio) and our Facebook Page (http://facebook.com/menofthecloth). 

This one is the “Moonman” for Group 1 Crew:


The next one is with a few less colors than the “Moonman” print above.  This is for our friends at Temple Baptist Church and their “ASYLUM” event:


And finally, if you need a really low cost 1 color option, think about utilizing a Halftone like this T-shirt for our friends at Willowmeadows; it’s a 1 Color PLUS 1 Halftone:



Our October and November Student Minister Giveaways were a HUGE success with hundreds of entries and we want to keep it rolling!  We are working on a monthly giveaway that includes Discounts on Printing, Free Shirts added to your Orders, Free Shipping, and so much more.  We’ll be updating the SM Giveaway page in the next couple weeks so check back for the new Giveaways and grab those discounts!  http://www.motcloth.com/about/sm-giveaways



This is a new part of our Blog that we are REALLY excited about!  We are collecting your stories about how you arrived in student ministry, events that you’ve had, successes that you’ve experienced, failures that you’ve overcome, and what you see happening in student ministry.  With the help of our friends at YM360, we are working to connect all of our student ministers with each other to learn from shared experiences and to weekly resources that will help equip your ministry. 

The first entry will be posted next Wednesday 12/8 at http://www.motcloth.com/blog.  Stop by to check it out and share a little about your own story.  If you have an experience that you would like to write about in length, shoot me an email and we’ll talk about getting it posted too!

I hope this December Update is helpful!  If there is anything that we can help with, just shoot us a message in the chat box in the left column or an email from our Contact Page to let us know!