Have you ever really wanted that fashion/retail feel for your T-shirts?  If so, you should think about Discharge printing. 

Discharge printing is a type of water-based screen print that can give you that really soft, retail type T-shirt.  It is almost impossible to feel the ink on the T-shirt and it only gets softer as you wash it.  So it is a perfect print option if you want to use a lighter weight and slimmer fit T-shirt.     

With all the benefits to a Discharge print, there are a couple things that you need to be aware of on the front end:

  1. Printing discharge on a dark garment does dull down the brightness of the ink color.
  2. The additional set-up costs keep it from being a “low cost” print option.

But the benefit to having that true retail feel to your T’s will far outway those things.  Here’s a look at a couple examples for you: