This February update is full of all the warm things that make the snow melt!  We are kicking it off with a HUGE Stimulus Coupon, some January Production Highlights, and a quick MY STORY Review. 


We know that budgets have been getting tighter over the last year so we’re stepping up to help! 

 Every order placed between Feb 11th – April 30th is eligible to receive 1 Free T-shirt for every 12 Ts that you order!  You MUST email the coupon to your sales representative for it to be applied to your order and it may not be used with other offers.  We’ll keep it up at until April 30th so be sure and take advantage of it!


Here’s a look at some exciting new prints from our press in January:

This is a great 1 Color imprint running over the sleeve seam and the collar seam.  Check out for more info on this incredible group!


 Check out this 29” wide JUMBO Print for our friends at Vine Community Church.  The 1 Color imprint helps keep the cost down on a specialty print like this one.


 This is a great picture from the young ladies at FUMC Scottsboro showing off their T’s!


As most of you know, we have started collecting your stories about ministry, your call to live life alongside of students, and your thoughts on where Student Ministry is headed.  Each month we host a guest blog post so that our Student Ministers can tell their story.  Here’s a quick review of the MY STORY posts from this month:


Josh Franklin from Vine Community in Carbondale IL:

How are you going to relate to your students when you get old(er)?  It was an innocent question asked by my wife, but it rocked me.  Being a youth pastor in a church where the average age is 31 can be tough especially when you add the fact that is also the area of the church where skinny jeansand deep v-neck t-shirts are often the mark for how relevant you are with youth. I feel like God has called me to be a youth pastor long-term, so my wife’s innocent question shook me a bit.  How will I be relevant in 10-15 years? …  READ MORE 



David Runnels from FUMC Lufkin TX:
Why We do Missions 

The understanding that “we are called” and “we are sent” is at the foundation of our faith. The scriptures are full of stories of persons who responded to a call and were sent on mission for God. Abraham and Sarah, our parents in the faith, met God in the desert and entered into a covenant that from that moment claimed a people dedicated to God’s mission… READ MORE


If you would like to tell your story about student ministry, just let me know and we’ll schedule you for a MY STORY post coming up!

As always, I hope this email finds you well and if there is anything I can help with, just let us know!