Last week we looked at how 100% Cotton T’s & 50/50 T’s react to Discharge & Waterbased inks differently. This week we’re dissecting 100% Cotton T’s a little more because there is some variance within full cotton fabrics. CLICK HERE to check out last week’s post.

Unfortunately not all 100% Cotton garments discharge equally well. Discharge printing has some mixed results on colors in the Cobalt Blue Dye family, specifically Royal Blue, Kelly Green, and a few purples. Through experience we have determined that these colors do not discharge completely. You may see a powder blue tint on discharged royal garments, a lavender tint on discharged purple garments, and a mint green tint on discharged kelly green garments. However, final results vary by garment manufacturer and color.

Some of our ministry partners really like the tinted effect but others prefer a true ink color. So it is important to know going into it whether you mind a tint to the color. If you want to avoid that, then it is best to avoid T colors in the Cobalt Blue Dye family (Royal Blue, Kelly Green, and Purples).

In the end, it is very important for you to know that Discharge inks have a bit of a variable in them that is impossible to control. Whether it’s the difference between 50/50 T’s & 100% or between a Black 100% or a Royal Blue 100%, there will always be an uncontrollable element in the printing process. We’ve even found that some T’s of the same color can Discharge differently if they are milled and dyed through different manufacturing locations.

So if you want Discharge or Waterbased inks, think about whether you are OK with that variable. Sometimes the variable just adds to the uniqueness of the print. Sometimes it can take away from the overall look. If you are going for a vintage style print, then I think you’re in good shape. If you want something super crisp and with exact color matches for branding purposes, I would probably recommend going with more of a standard ink.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We’d love to help!