I’ve had lots of conversations recently with Student Ministers about upcoming conferences this year.  There are a ton of great ones out there, but I thought we would take this weeks Blog post and highlight 3 that we think are really helpful:

National Youth Workers Conference:

NYWC is coming to Nashville TN this year in November 19-22.  This is a large conference with great break-out sessions, arts/music, and a pretty diverse list of speakers from all different backgrounds and denominations.  I’ll be there with MOTC so if you do make it out, I would love to buy yalls lunch one of those days!  Just let me know and we’ll plan on it.  Here’s the web-site for all the info: http://www.nywc.com/


Catalyst is in Atlanta GA this year October 6-8.  This is another big conference with a great list of break-out sessions, and a strong line-up of influential artists/worship leaders and speakers.  This is definitely more of an “artsy” conference.  They also do a great job of utilizing newer technology and showing how to leverage social media tools.  Here’s the web-site for it:  http://www.catalystconference.com/

The NINES (presented by “Leadership Network”):

The NINES is a new conference with an interesting concept of being a strictly “on-line” conference.  You can register for free and watch all of the sessions from your computer.  The theme this year is “game changing moments”.  They will interview literally over 100 leaders, pastors, speakers, artists, social media gurus, and missionaries about specific “game changing moments” that they have had in ministry and what they learned from those moments.  They have setup several on-line message boards and chat rooms so that the attendees can engage one another, share ideas, and answer questions that the speakers pose.  I have several friends and customers involved with The NINES and I think it will be well worth any youth workers time, especially since it’s free J.  Here’s the link to the site:http://thenines.leadnet.org/2010/index.html

I hope this info helps!
As always, feel free to visit our CONTACT US page if you have any questions or if there is anything else that we can do for you!