Something that you may not know is that cotton prices have been rising steadily for the last year and should be jumping up again by another 10% in the spring.  This certainly affects our customers and we found a great article from CBS’ 60 Minutes that explains the wider scale affects HERE. 

60 Minutes gives the example of a Dress Shirt that cost $79.50 last year will cost $88 this year.  Wholesale T-shirt prices will rise similarly over the next few months and we could see an increase of $1-$2 or even more before the end of the year. 

To help counter these rising prices, we are offering several Discounts through FREE SHIPPING Coupon (which you can find HERE) and our March-April Stimulus Coupon (which you can find HERE). 

We can also help you cut back on production without sacrificing the “coolness” of the T.  If you have a project coming up that you want to price out or have any questions about these rising prices, feel free to visit our CONTACT page and let us know how we can help!