It is so hard to believe that another year has gone by! 2012 has been incredible and honestly, it’s because of all the incredible work our ministry partners are doing. I’ve heard stories of countless lives changed, communities supported, teams bringing relief to disaster areas, food given to hungry families, education offered to children in other countries, and so many others… all to show this world the love of God.

I am truly blessed to be a part of what God is doing within each of your ministries. I don’t take it lightly. Some may see it as just T-shirts or promotional products, but I see it as a way to support what God has called you to do.

So I want to say THANK YOU…

THANK YOU for being a ministry partner.

THANK YOU for trusting our company with your logos, apparel, & products.

THANK YOU for allowing us to provide you with the best service possible.

THANK YOU for sharing stories of how God moved in each of your events.

THANK YOU for sending pictures of kids, who’s lives have just been changed, wearing the T’s that we had a part in.

THANK YOU for seeing my phone calls & emails as an opportunity to connect with you personally outside of just products, to hear what God is doing in your individual life and your family life as well.

THANK YOU for ultimately being faithful to all that God has called you to.

With 2013 only a day old, I am overwhelmed with excitement just thinking about all that our ministry partners will do… and I am just as overwhelmed with gratitude for being a part of it.

Have a blessed New Years friends!