Summer is here and our TN office is currently overrun with cicadas!  Despite all the noise those bugs make, we’ve been busy working on plenty of summer camps, mission trips, & VBS T’s.  This May Update includes a look at a few Highlights From The Press, a new development from LifeWay about Your VBS Art, and a quick MY STORY Review

Highlights From The Press!

Here’s a look at a few of our favorites from this past month:


This is a great 2 Color JUMBO print for Fannin BC.


 This is one for Frontier Camp that works in a couple halftones.


Check out this one for Wayfarer Camp that works in some great gradients.

Your LifeWay VBS Art!

If you are using LifeWay’s VBS material this year, we have some GREAT news for you.  One of our customers connected us with LifeWay’s Legal Services department and as of today (5/25), we can officially print the exact LifeWay VBS art AS IS for our customers! 

So if you are using LifeWay’s VBS material, let us know how you want to customize it!  We can do a name drop on the front, switch out the T colors, or even go with a different style of T.  Let us know how we can help!

MY STORY Review   

As most of you know, we have started collecting your stories about ministry, your call to live life alongside of students, and your thoughts on where Student Ministry is headed.  Each month we host a guest blog post so that our partners in ministry can tell their story.  Here’s a quick review of the MY STORY post from this month:

Nate Stratman from First Presbyterian Colorado Springs:

During my very first week as a full-time youth minister, my inaugural youth committee meeting was in a shark tank and I didn’t know it. The elder who formed this team of sharks (mothers) had a specific strategy. In short, this optimistic youth minister eft that meeting in tears and I remember talking to my dad about quitting after 1 week.  I got an earful about how things were and how they should be when I was looking for a “we can’t wait to work with you and drop off pecan pies on your porch” type of meeting…  READ MORE

As always, I hope this Update  finds you well and if there is ever anyway we can serve you, just let us know!