We are days away from August! That means students are getting ready to head back to school and all you Student Ministers are gearing up for a busy fall schedule!

This July issue of the Bi-Monthly Update has some great Highlights From The Press, an interesting New Product Highlight, and we have a special focus a great NEW Ministry Partner.

Highlights From The Press:

A great looking 3 Color Front print for THE Jon Atchley over at Mars Hill BC.

A proud 1 Color print for our friends over at Texas SUPER SUMMER on a Heather Blend Fashion T.  Walker Texas Ranger would be proud. 🙂

Another solid 1 Color design from the great Los Badicales Crew.  The T-shirt is the American Apparel Mint Green.

New Product Highlight:
We don’t have a ton of requests for tote bags because the majority of our customers just don’t connect with that style of product.  But these Sublimated Totes really caught our eye at a recent product conference.  Its a great way to make a bold statement on a classic product:

NEW Ministry Partner:

One of my favorite things about this job is connecting with so many incredible ministries.  One of our newest ministry partners is an incredible group called TRUE TO LIFE Ministries (http://www.ttlm.org/).  They do A TON of incredible work and it was hard to pick just one program of theirs to focus on, but we chose “OPERATION BACKPACK”:

How To Pack A Backpack – Operation Backpack from David King on Vimeo.

Here’s a quick rundown from their website:

Last school year, more than 250 students were classified as homeless in Brazosport Independent School District, and many more were chronically hungry. During the school year, Operation Backpack provides hungry students with much needed food for the weekend. The purpose is to give the students a sense of hope and to communicate their value by addressing the tangible need of hunger. TTLM works with individuals and organizations to gather donated food. Volunteers use these ready-to-eat items to fill backpacks distributed to participating schools at the end of each week.  During Summer Style, volunteers from churches across the Brazosport Area join TTLM in going to strategic neighborhoods 1 night a week for 6 weeks. Volunteers share God’s love by distributing sack meals, teaching Bible lessons, and facilitating fun activities.  http://www.ttlm.org/operation-backpack/

If your church would like to connect with TTLM, visit their contact page and give them a call or shoot them an email: http://www.ttlm.org/contact-us/