If I haven’t told you yet, Happy 2012!  This new year is already full of exciting new events and ministry partners!

The Jan Update below includes a look at some of our recent Highlights From The Press and a Ministry Partner Introduction

Highlights From The Press

Here’s a look at some of our recent favorites from the press:
(Check out our Portfolio for more of our favorites! http://www.motcloth.com/portfolio)

This is a 1 Color Print over the Zipper and pockets of a Full Zip Hoodie for the incredible Student Ministry over at Vine Community.

This is a 2 Color Front / 1 Color Sleeve for the good folks at Central BC.

This is a 4 Color print on Heathered Grey T’s for our friends at FB Georgetown.

Ministry Partner Intro

Meet our friends at Next Step Ministries http://nextstepministries.com

Next Step Ministries is an incredible ministry that organizes mission trips for your students throughout the summer as well as spring and winter breaks.  I recently had the opportunity to serve with Next Step in Nassau Bahamas.  We worked on houses for the residents of the “All Saints AIDS Camp” and it was a life changing experience.  We met with incredible people that lived with so little but truly lived life abundantly.  My wife and I took a few moments to shoot a video of us singing with Mrs. Moxie, a 20 year resident at All Saints that become a huge encouragement to us.  Check out the video below:

(If the video doesn’t work below, you can view it directly on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdGw0M-UMbU)

Think about Next Step when you’re planning your summer, spring break, and winter break mission trips.  They will be a huge encouragement to you and your ministry!

Thanks so much for another incredible year of serving your ministries!  I’m excited to see what 2012 holds for all of us!