We’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up this month for MEN OF THE CLOTH!  This update includes the OCT Highlights, gives a look at an extremely affordable Full-Zip Hoody from Tultex, and a look at a CASH PRIZE Giveaway we are offering at the National Youth Workers Convention in Nashville this month! 


Here’s a look at a couple pics of some recent work we did in October that are not only low cost (only 2-3 Colors) but have a great message:

This one is for AXIS Church in Nashville TN:


This is for our good friends at Stevens Street:


TULTEX Full-Zip Hoody

This Tultex hoody is, by far, the most affordable Full-Zip hoody option out there.  Most Full-Zip hoodies are priced about $5-$10 higher than a pull-over hoody, but this one from Tultex is so affordable that it runs literally $1.00 more than a pull-over.  Here’s a picture for you:


The quality is great and it is certainly a product to keep in mind.  The only issue that this Tultex Full-Zip Hoody has is that it is only available in Black, White, and Charcoal.  I know that is a really tight color range, but if you can save that much money, I think it’s worth considering switching to one of those color options.  After all, everyone wants to be UNDER BUDGET for once!

CASH PRIZE at NYWC Nashville!


That’s right!  We are partnering with Interlinc and several other great organizations to offer a CASH PRIZE for 1 lucky visitor at the NYWC Nashville conference this November 18-21.  All you have to do is come by our booth or Interlinc’s booth to grab a punch card.  Visit the 3-4 other vendors on the punch card to get all of them stamped and you’re in!  We’ll also be giving away T-shirts and other great stuff at NYWC so be sure to hang out!