Today, I’m drinking my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!  That means I’ve officially given in to Fall. The summer flew by and I know this fall is already busy for each of you.

Pull up your coffee or tea and let’s chat about some of our most recent product ideas and see if we can find something that helps your team. This Bi-Monthly update has some Highlights From The Press, a New Product Highlight, and we’ll end the post with a New Ministry Partner Intro.

Highlights From The Press:

These are just a small handful of recent T’s we’ve printed that we’ve really loved. It just so happens that all of these highlights are leaning to the right :).

This is a great 1 color JUMBO print on a Heathered Red Tultex Blended T for our good friends at “True To Life Ministries” (

This “PHOS” design is a 3 color + 2 Halftones printing up and over the collar on the Heathered Green T’s for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

Here is a great 1 Color OVERSIZED print on a White V-Neck for the good peeps over at Grace Community Church.

New Product Highlight:

It’s the little details that can make a big difference. This New Product Highlight is dedicated to an Alternative Apparel T with Contrast Stitching. It’s subtle but those subtle differences make your T unique. Here is a close up along with images of the color options currently available:

Cost wise, it is on the higher end with other “Fashion” products. But if you have room in your budget for a more unique T, this is a great way to ease your team into specialty T products.

New Ministry Partner Intro:

First Priority ( is an incredible ministry that partners with local church communities to create a presence in their schools. We have the privilege of partnering with FP this year and wanted to give you an inside look at their vision and what they do. Here’s a quick testimony video:

FP Vision

The Hope of Christ in Every Student

FP Mission

Uniting the Local Body of Christ With a Plan of Action to Influence the School with the Gospel.

FP Plan – The Game Analogy

First Priority works if the local community takes the time to organize each component of the strategy. To explain this, we will compare life as a Christian in the U.S. to a football player playing his game. What if you asked the football player to come study the team playbook twice a week, but only planned to play in a game for one week in the summer… maybe… if band camp didn’t get in the way? Would he ever show up to practice? Yet, that is what most local churches expect out of students in their youth ministry: to come twice a week to learn how to live for Christ and then once a year we will go and share Christ together on a mission trip. First Priority is the game plan for the students in your community to come together at school and live the game of faith at school everyday.

In the First Priority “Game”, there are five participants in four networks that make it work. Each participant has its specific role, neither is more important than the other, each is significantly important to the function of the other. There is a network at the school made up of students (players) and teachers (referee). A network of parents (fans) surrounding each school. A network of churches (coaches) surrounding the targeted schools. A network of business leaders (team owners) surrounding the entire community. If all participants are functioning then you are on your way to seeing students influenced for Christ for years to come. If any of these participants are missing or lacking, like a football team, the FP strategy will not perform to its full potential.

CLICK HERE to visit FP’s website and hear more about how they can partner with your student ministry.