This is Part 1 of 2 incredibly important posts highlighting some of the little known difficulties of printing with Discharge inks. Our focus in this post is on the difference between 100% cotton T’s and poly/cotton blended T’s.

Discharge inks LOVE 100% cotton. We get the best image & color accuracy on 100% cotton T’s. Waterbase inks don’t particularly like synthetic fabric like polyester. So there is a big difference between the way Discharge looks on cotton fabrics and poly fabrics.

Here’s a look at the exact same discharge print shown on a 100% cotton garment and a 50/50 cotton garment:

The synthetic fibers in the 50/50 will not discharge, which creates a faded look. Some of our clients love that look because it fits more with a vintage feel.  But others really prefer bold, bright, and clear prints. If you want your colors to pop and your design to be crisp, 100% cotton T’s are the best option for you with discharge.

Here are a couple more side by side images of various colors on 100% cotton and 50/50 T’s: