I love having a snowy Christmas but it is freezing!  I know a lot of you are feeling the same way because we have received an influx of requests for Hoodie options.  There are a ton of options out there but there are a few helpful Hoodie tips that we wanted to share with you:

  • Pull-Over Hoodies are more cost effective than Zip-Up Hoodies.  If you think you’ll only need about 25-50 Hoodies, I would definitely recommend sticking with the Pull-Over options.  That way you can utilize the price breaks as much as possible on smaller budgets
  • Imprint size is important!  Since most Hoodies come with pockets on the front, it is incredible important to keep the location of that pocket in mind while working on the design.  If the imprint runs onto pocket, it could end up bumping your costs up to “Specialty Imprinting” because of the extra care needed to handle those pocket seams and breaks in fabric.
  • Zip-Up Hoodies are great but it’s important to remember that the zipper not only raises the Imprint cost but it takes some care in the design process to make sure the art will print exactly as intended with that zipper.  Lighter Hoodie colors makes it a lot easier to accomplish prints over zippers because it doesn’t take as much ink to make the design pop.  So if you do want a design over a zipper, lean toward lighter Hoodie colors. 

Here’s a look at a few recent hoodie options that printed:


If you would like to look at some hoodie options, just ask your sales rep or shoot us a message and we’ll get you all the information you need to stay warm!