I just got the annual Gift Catalog from our friends over at Food for the Hungry and I have to say, I’ve never been more excited to buy chickens.  Well, I’ve never bought chickens before but my wife and I are buying these:



Aren’t they lovely?  They are going to a family in need this Christmas.  I will probably never meet this family but FH will teach this family how these chickens can become a dependable source of ood & income.  I can’t think of a more perfect gift.

FH has gift options that provide not only food, but health care, educational supplies, antiobiotics, water purification, and so many others that care for the needs of families around the world.  This is a great opportunity for your student ministry to give back.  Even a small youth group could raise

$25 for a pair of chickens
$45 for a school desk & supplies
$50 for 5 children to receive much needed healthcare
$100 for 2 families to receive Beehives & honey harvest supplies/training

In an age of pepper spraying black friday shoppers, I’m thankful for these gift options.  FH has so many great options for your student ministry or your family to send some much needed love to a family across the world. 

Check out all of the categories below and visit the online Gift Catalog at:   http://www.fh.org/give/catalog